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Reset vSEC:CMS Operator Applet

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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From time to time the below error can occur when using an operator credential with vSEC:CMS console:

The number of user operations allowed with the registered license has been exceeded. Please view the Help file for instructions on how to upgrade the license.

This error is usually because of a bug in older versions of the vSEC:CMS Operator applet. There are 2 possible solutions to resolve this. Option 1 is a temporary solution and Option 2 is a permanent solution.

Option 1 - Reset License Counter on Applet

Download this tool depending on which version of vSEC:CMS you are running:

For 32-bit version download from here.

For 64-bit version download from here.

Note: This will temporarily resolve the issue. As the issue is in the applet it is recommended to perform Option 2 as this installs the new applet with permanent fix.

Option 2 - Reset vSEC:CMS Operator Applet

This option is the recommended approach to resolve the underlying issue.

1. Log onto the vSEC:CMS console with an operator credential who can perform life cycle operations on the operator credential that we are going to reset.

2. Go to the Lifecycle page and attach the operator credential that we are going to reset and Revoke - Retire - Unregister the credential.

3. Open the Activator Tool (AT). the AT is a standalone application that is located in the tools folder of the vSEC:CMS installation. The AT is named Versasec-Activator.exe in this folder. The AT requires internet access so it may be necessary to copy the AT to a host that has internet access if the vSEC:CMS is installed in a restricted environment. 

Attach the operator credential that is to be reset and make sure to select the correct reader from Smart Card Selection drop down list. Click the Clean Smart Card button to remove the current applet from the credential.

Attach an operator credential that has a System Administrator role and select the correct reader from Smart Card Selection drop down list that this credential is inserted in. You should see that the License Information pane is filled with the specific licensing details as applicable to your system.

Click the Issue Operator Card button to begin the process and follow the instructions,

Important: It is important that you follow the on-screen instructions during this process otherwise the provisioning of the applet will fail. It may take a few minutes to complete the provisioning. 

Once done you can then take the operator credential and this can be issued to an operator for use in the vSEC:CMS, typically issued from the Lifecycle page of the vSEC:CMS console.