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Legacy Procedure for Production Licenses

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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From version 5.8 it is possible to set up vSEC:CMS S-Series (vSEC:CMS) with all of its features without requiring a license to use it. This will be referred to as an evaluation version. You can migrate to a production licensed version if you wish to use vSEC:CMS to manage your credentials at any time.

This article will describe how you can move from vSEC:CMS evaluation version to a production licensed version where the legacy process of delivering a System Owner credential with the production licenses already loaded onto the credential is followed.


If you have not set your Evaluation version yet you will have to perform the steps included in the article Setup Evaluation Version of vSEC:CMS including the Creation of System Owner Hardware Credential section from the same article.

With your Versasec support credentials that you have received, download the latest version of vSEC:CMS.

You should review our Production Checklist article to ensure that you have considered all security requirements when moving from an evaluation version to a production version.

Setup Production Licenses

You, as the end customer, receive the production licenses already loaded on the System Owner (SO) credential.

1. Log onto the vSEC:CMS console with your System Owner (SO) credential and navigate to Options - License and click the Activate button.

2. Select the reader that the credential is inserted into from the System Owner card drop-down list. You will see details about the license in the pane below the reader selection list.

Enter a value for the key that will be used when unblocking the SO credential into the Unblock key field. This will typically be 48 hexadecimal characters. You can click the Random (recommended) button to allow vSEC:CMS to auto generate a key. This key needs to be stored to a secure location as it may be needed in the future should you have to unblock the SO credential. Click the Copy button to save this information to the local clipboard and paste it to a file.

Enter a PIN and confirm in the fields provided.

Make sure that the Activate production license or subscription checkbox is disabled and click the Add button.

Enter a PIN and confirm in the fields provided.

On clicking Add a popup notification dialog will appear. Select Yes to continue.

Once the process completes a summary dialog will appear with details on what operations were performed. This completes the flow.

During this process a new secure master key will be generated. It is important to update any credentials that may have been issued when vSEC:CMS was in the evaluation version.
Once the production license has been applied it will be necessary to issue at least one additional Operator Token (OT) that has a full administrator role in the system. See the article Configure Operator Credential for details on this.