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License Management

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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It is possible to upgrade the vSEC:CMS application license anytime. However, it's very important to note that a person/operator with the System Administrator role is required for the upgrade procedure. This article will describe how to manage license updates when needed.

License Update Procedure:

From the vSEC:CMS Operator Console (OC), navigate to Options - License. From this page, you can add additional licenses.

You must be logged into the Operator Console (OC) as an operator with permission to access the Options - License page.

If user licenses need to be upgraded (increased), click the Get challenge button to generate a challenge, and then click the Copy button to copy this value to the PC clipboard.

Paste this value into a text file and send it to your vendor, who provided vSEC:CMS. The vendor can then generate a new license key. Enter this key into the Upgrade field and click the Upgrade button to complete the license upgrade.

You can generate a license request, close the console, and enter the response code later when you receive it from your provider.

License Information

From the Options - License page, you can retrieve additional information about your license. Clicking the View License button will show the following details:

  • Type: This indicates the type of license you have, which can be perpetual or subscription based on your chosen licensing model. It is possible to switch between perpetual or subscription models.
  • Customer: The name of the customer to whom the license was issued. This can be changed if required by submitting a license update request.
  • License ID: The unique identifier for the license.
  • Number of credentials: The maximum number of credentials that can be managed with the current license.
  • License token issue time: The timestamp of when the license was applied to the system.
  • Transaction ID: The transaction ID associated with the applied license.
  • Last verify time: The timestamp of the last verification of the current license against Versasec’s online licensing service. This is relevant for subscription licenses.
  • Last verify result: The result from the last verification of the license. This is applicable for subscription licenses, whereas perpetual licenses will always be valid.

Click the Verify License button to perform an online check of the current license. This is for subscription-based licenses to verify the current license against Versasec’s online licensing service.

Click the Activate button to switch between perpetual and subscription models, or vice versa, depending on your current model. If you are switching, you will need to inform your provider, as a change will need to be made by Versasec before the switch can be completed.