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License Activation in Air-Gapped Environments

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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An air gap environment is a security measure that involves isolating a computer or network, preventing it from establishing external connections. In this setup, an air-gapped computer is physically segregated and incapable of wireless or physical connections with other computers or network devices. However, file transfer to and from such systems can pose challenges.

Enabling Air-Gapped Mode

With vSEC:CMS 6.9, we've introduced a mode to configure the system as air-gapped. This facilitates easier activation of the system license when transitioning from evaluation to production mode.

To Enable Air-Gapped Mode:

  1. Navigate to File > Program Settings.
  2. Enable the 'Air-Gapped Mode' option.


To Verify Air-Gapped Mode:

  1. Go to Help > Diagnostic.
  2. Check if 'Air-Gapped' is set to true.


License Activation

Depending on whether the System Owner (SO) credential has already been created, different flows exist for activating the production license.

In the Absence of an Issued SO Credential:

  1. Go to File > Add System Owner Card.
  2. Attach a blank, supported credential for the SO.
  3. Complete the configuration.
Securely save the unblock key in your password vault for future use


To Activate the Production License:

  1. Enable 'Activate Production License or Subscription' and click 'Add'.
  2. Save the license request file and send its contents to your vSEC:CMS vendor.

Alternate Process for Licence Activation:

  1. Add the SO credential without activating the production license or subscription.
  2. Navigate to Options > License and click 'Activate'.
  3. Save the license request file and send its content to your vSEC:CMS vendor.

The request file's contents are designed to be minimal for easy transfer. You can open it in any text editor to view. Below is a sample:

Transaction ID: 110E1A2323A6554B
License Challenge: A855893F921880F893B12C288769412E09879F22232F11D799179640AC530D81

Obtaining the License Code from Your Vendor:

  1. Go to Options > License and click 'View License'.
  2. Select the 'Waiting for Response' link and upload the license activation file provided by your vendor.

For future license increases, refer to the article 'License Management' for details.