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Issuance Stations Support

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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From version 6.0 it is possible to configure issuance stations for batch issuance where card printers are used. This can be very useful in large deployments where conventional smart card tokens are used and need both contact chip management and printing to be performed on them.

This is designed to be used when the vSEC:CMS API is used to trigger batch card issuances. The API can be used in a way that an external application can send issuance requests and these are stored in an input queue. Then any configured client with an attached printer can be triggered to perform batch issuance.

Configuration and Use

In this section we will describe a very simple setup where two client machines have a supported card printer attached and vSEC:CMS console is configured as described in the article Install Operator Console.

On the client machines you need to start the console from a command prompt by running below:

vSEC_CMS_T.exe -batchstation

Where vSEC_CMS_T.exe is the executable for vSEC:CMS console and this executable is usually located here if the default installation was selected C:\Program Files (x86)\Versasec\vSEC_CMS S-Series. You will need to log on with your Operator card when prompted.

Once the console starts you will see it running in the system tray of the client similar to below.

Additionally, you should see the client listed as a station on vSEC:CMS console under Repository - Batch Stations - Stations.

The clients would need to be connected to a card printer as described in the article Setup and Configure Support for Card Printer.

An external application can then use vSEC:CMS API to load issuance requests which can then be sent to vSEC:CMS and managed from there. For example, the external application can send requests to vSEC:CMS to prepare a batch issuance of 100 cards that need to be managed and printed. You will see these records in the input queue from Repository - Batch Stations - Input Queue.

Then when the 2 clients that are configured to run as batch stations are online and printers are connected to them, and operational, it will automatically start the issuance. The issuances will be performed concurrently on both clients.

Current issuance jobs in progress can be viewed from Repository - Batch Stations - Tasks processing.

All successful issuance jobs can be viewed from Repository - Batch Stations - Tasks success.

All failed issuance jobs (for whatever reason) can be viewed from Repository - Batch Stations - Tasks failing.

On the client you will see several options from the icon in the system tray.

When you start the client in this mode it will show as Batch Station - Start. This means that the client is ready to accept issuance requests. You can switch off the station by selecting Batch Station - Finish. If you do this the Open option will be available which will open the Operator console if you select this.

For further information on using vSEC:CMS in this way in conjunction with the vSEC:CMS API please contact us.