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Add Credential Configuration

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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If you encounter an error message while attempting to register a credential, whether through the console from the Lifecycle page or via vSEC:CMS User Self-Service (USS), stating:

Cannot find a configuration for this smart card [1]

Then it's highly likely that the credential configuration has not yet been added to vSEC:CMS. Follow this article's instructions to add the credential configuration to vSEC:CMS.

Adding a Credential

  1. Navigate to Options > Smart Cards.
  2. Check whether the credential has already been registered in the Smart Card Configurations table, proceed to the next step if the table is empty. If not, please don't proceed with these instructions.sc_config_table.png
  3. Click the Add button and then click the Add button again on the next dialog.
  4. Select the credential you wish to add from the Smart card in reader dropdown list, then click Get. This action will collect the correct ATR and Mask values from the credential.image-1.png
  5. With the ATR and Mask values populated, click OK to continue.
  6. Review the settings displayed for the selected credential to ensure they are correct, the settings must correspond to what's been published by the credential manufacturer.image-2.png
  7. To save the credential configuration and close the dialog box, click Save.

You should now be able to successfully register and manage your credentials.