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Configure MySQL as vSEC:CMS Database

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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The vSEC:CMS uses its own internal database which stores information about smart cards registered and managed by the vSEC:CMS along with configuration settings. This is a proprietary database.

However, if it is required to use a third-party database, it is possible to configure the vSEC:CMS to connect to an MySQL database which can be used to store data for the application.

Support for MySQL is available from version 6.1 or later of vSEC:CMS.

Configure Support


A fully functional MySQL server with a database needs to be available to the vSEC:CMS. The vSEC:CMS will not create the database.

Version 8.X of MySQL Server is supported. Additionally we support MariaDB from version 10.X.

It is required that max_allowed_packet=256M is set on the MySQL server.


For general information purposes the database sizing can vary depending on how you use vSEC:CMS. In this section we will provide very high level guidance on what the SQL database sizing could be to give you a high level idea of what to consider when designing your database from a sizing perspective.

For a typical system of 1 thousand managed credentials you could expect 100 MB to be allocated for your database.

Setup and Migration

From Options - Connections click the Add button and select SQL Database.

Enter a template name and from the drop-down list select vSEC:CMS SQL Database (MySQL).

Manually enter the database name and port for your server.

Enter the name and password for the user that you will connect with.

The user account used needs all rights for the specific database, i.e. all DATA and all STRUCTURE rights.

Manually enter the database name in the Name field and click Test to ensure connectivity to the database. You should see a success dialog as below if the connection is successful.

Click the Save button which will trigger the migration flow to MySQL. You will see a dialog with a summary of what will be migrated and an estimate of the time it will take to migrate in full. Click Start to begin the migration.


The current implementation of the MySQL database support has some limitations which are important to note. These are:

  • If, on start-up of the vSEC:CMS, the MySQL database is unreachable the application will not start;
  • It will only be possible to add one SQL connection of this type on any one installation of the vSEC:CMS;
  • Once the MySQL connection is set up and in use it will not be possible to roll-back to the internal database.