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Generate New Master Key

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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It may be necessary to change the vSEC:CMS application master key. For example, the master key may be compromised resulting in the need to change the current master key. To change the master key navigate to Options - Master Key. Enter a short description why the master key needed to be changed in the Comment field and click the Generate New Master Key button to begin the process. 

If an HSM is used please refer to the article HSM Support on using an HSM.
It is important to remember that any new user smart card administration key will be diversified from the newly generated master key. Any user smart card administration key diversified from the old administration key of the vSEC:CMSapplication will remain operable. However, it is recommended to re-register those user cards issued from the old administration key of the vSEC:CMS. This will update the user's smart card administration key so that it is diversified from the new master key.