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Automatic Startup for vSEC:CMS Services

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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This article guides customers on automatically starting vSEC:CMS services when only the vSEC:CMS Service is running after a boot-up, as illustrated below.

This is an optional configuration for vSEC:CMS customers to avoid manually starting each service.

It is recommended to only apply this method to the following services if they have already been set up in Options-Connections:
  • vSEC:CMS - Operator Console Service
  • vSEC:CMS - RSDM Service
  • vSEC:CMS - User Self Service

It's imperative that the vSEC:CMS Service parent service be running before attempting to start any of the other services.

  1. Right-click the vSEC:CMS service that fails to boot up and select Properties.
  2. Copy the Service name from the General tab.
  3. Create a new text document and input the following:
@echo off
net start "SERVICE_NAME"
  1. Save the file as a .bat.
  2. Open Task Scheduler with taskschd.msc.
  3. Click 'Create Task...'
  4. Name the task and add a description.
  5. Under Security Options, click 'Change User or Group...'
  6. Confirm the hostname and enter SYSTEM, then click OK.
  7. Select the 'Triggers' tab and add a new trigger with 'New...'.
  8. Choose 'At startup' and delay for 30 seconds, then click OK.
  9. Go to the 'Actions' tab and add a new action with 'New...'.
  10. Browse and select the .bat files for the services. Click OK to finish.
When multiple actions are specified under the 'Actions' tab, they are executed sequentially in the order they are listed.
  • Each batch file must be created for each service because you can't start all services simultaneously.
  • Some environments may require different delay times depending on the system's speed, and this should be taken into consideration.
  • Please keep in mind that each environment is unique, and the settings may be configured according to the organization's preferences.