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Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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From Options - Settings a number of configuration options are available. This article will describe these options.

Backup Settings

It is important to configure and set up the automatic backup of the vSEC:CMS application database. By default, the automatic backup feature will be enabled. The backup database file is encrypted. It is recommended to never disable this feature as should the vSEC:CMS application become unusable and the backup feature is disabled then it will not be possible to recover registered credentials managed by vSEC:CMS.

For vSEC:CMS, the service is performing the backup. You can change the location that the backup database file is copied to by manually entering the location or clicking the Browse button. For vSEC:CMS make sure that the service account that the service is running under can copy to the new destination folder. It is possible to validate that the backup is performed by clicking the Backup Now button from the Schedule dialog.

It is possible to configure the vSEC:CMS application to perform scheduled backups by clicking the Schedule button and configuring the frequency, day and time.

The Run as option allows vSEC:CMS application to perform database backup using a different Windows user account. Enable the Run Task As using different credentials checkbox and enter the Windows user account details that you wish the backup database operation to run under. The Windows account name should be the Windows sAMAccountName. This account needs to have permissions to access to the dat folder of vSEC:CMS. If a user logs onto their PC with a different user account the backup database operation will be performed using the user account configured here.

It is strongly recommended to change the location of the backup database file so that the backup database file is copied to a location that is securely backed up and is added to your organizations IT daily backup processes. By default the backup is written to C:\Program Files (x86)\Versasec\vSEC_CMS S-Series\dat, if the default location is selected as part of the installation. It is important that only the Service account has permissions to enter and/or access the dat folder. By default, the vSEC:CMS installation sets the permission on this folder to System.

UI Settings

From here you can configure the time format display that will be used throughout vSEC:CMS wherever a date/time is displayed. For example, you will see dates/times in the Repository - Smart Cards table. Select the format you wish to display from the dropdown list and a sample will be shown how this will look as a label below the selected format. The system will be automatically updated when you select a new format.

It may take a few minutes for the changes to propagate in your system.

Configure Action – Certificates/Keys Settings

It is possible to configure vSEC:CMS such that it will be possible to configure a card template to issue certificate(s) without vSEC:CMS actually managing the administration PIN/key of the credential. In this case, an operator can issue a credential with certificate(s) but it will not manage the credential PIN. This can be performed from Actions – Certificate(s)/Keys.

Select Enable card template based actions to enable this feature. Enable the Allow actions on unregistered cards and click the Configure button to select which template(s) this feature should be allowed to be used on and add them to the Selected pain. Then from Actions – Certificate(s)/Keys it will be possible to issue certificate(s) to a credential.