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Uninstall vSEC:CMS

Anthony - Versasec Support
Anthony - Versasec Support
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This article will describe how you can completely remove vSEC:CMS from the host where it is installed on.

1. In order to uninstall vSEC:CMS, from Control Panel select Programs and Features. Select vSEC:CMS Series and select Uninstall/Change to begin the uninstall.

2. A warning dialog will appear informing you of the consequences should you perform the uninstall. Click Yes to accept this and continue.


Click Uninstall to begin.

A success dialog will appear on completion of the uninstall.

When vSEC:CMS is uninstalled the database will be deleted. This will result in credentials that are managed by vSEC:CMS becoming unmanageable. If vSEC:CMS is configured to copy the backup database to a secure, backed up location then the database can be restored in the future from this file.
After running the uninstaller make sure that all files and folders are deleted from the system after the uninstall. It is recommended to delete the entire Versasec folder from Program Files. For example, if the installation was installed into the default location on a Windows server then delete the entire folder structure in C:\Program Files (x86)\Versasec\vSEC_CMS vSEC:CMS.