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Configure Cached Tables

Kamel Elias  - Versasec Support
Kamel Elias - Versasec Support
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From version 6.11 repository tables will not be, by default, cached. As viewing and inspecting repository tables is not required by most operators of vSEC:CMS, we therefore do not cache these tables by default. This is to optimise the performance of opening and operating vSEC:CMS Admin application. 

This guide will describe how to configure vSEC:CMS Admin application to cache these tables as part of the logging on process when opening the application from the desktop.

Configure Cached Tables

The table below shows all of the configuration parameter names for the different repository tables available from the vSEC:CMS Admin console. The configuration parameter's should be used when adding the repository tables to the local cache.

Repository View Configuration Parameter
Repository - Archive Keys dbcache_sections.keyarchive_keys=1;
Repository - Batch Processes dbcache_sections.batch_jobs=1;
Repository - Managed Certificates - Certificates dbcache_sections.certificates=1;
Repository - System Logs dbcache_sections.syslog=1;
Repository - Device Management - Managed Devices dbcache_sections.rsdm_devices=1;
Repository - Device Management - Device Management Logs dbcache_sections.rsdm_actions=1;
Repository - Device Management - Managed Device Events dbcache_sections.rsdm_errors=1;
Repository - Device Management - Device Software Version dbcache_sections.rsdm_devicesoftwareversioninfo=1;
Repository - Batch Stations - Input Queue dbcache_sections.batch_queue_input=1;
Repository - Batch Stations - Tasks Success dbcache_sections.batch_queue_success=1;
Repository - Batch Stations - Tasks Failing dbcache_sections.batch_queue_failing=1;
Repository - Batch Stations - Batch Logs dbcache_sections.batch_logs=1;
Repository - Acme - Order dbcache_sections.acme_order=1;
Repository - Acme - Logs dbcache_sections.acme_log=1;
Repository - Smart Card Stock dbcache_sections.card_stock=1;
Repository - Smart Card Stock Logs dbcache_sections.card_stock_actions=1;
Repository - Pending Tasks dbcache_sectons.tasks_pending=1;

You will need to create a registry value of type String on the host where you want to add the table(s) to the cache. The value should be set for the Windows account that the vSEC:CMS Admin console is launched as. The location where this value needs to be set is [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Versatile Security\vSEC_CMS_T]. The name of the registry String value should be: dbcache.ocs.config

For example, if you wanted to have Repository - Archive Keys and Repository - Batch Processes cached then you would enter values like below:



The complete list of tables that can be added to the cache is:

You can copy the entire content below and paste into the registry value as described above to enable caching for all of the tables.